Kendall Jenner Inks D’Angelo Russell To “Jordan Clarkson Surveillance” Deal


The NBA’s latest marquee signing is perhaps its most shocking yet, as Lakers guard D’Angelo Russell has signed with fashion model Kendall Jenner to constantly film her new boyfriend, fellow Lakers guard Jordan Clarkson.

The deal is set to last one year, or “however long it takes for this thing to fall apart,” according to Russell’s agent, who noted that D’Angelo will not be paid for his services.

Nick Young couldn’t hide. Neither can you, Jordan. (Getty)

Nick Young couldn’t hide. Neither can you, Jordan. (Getty)

“Kendall offered to pay, but for D’Angelo, the opportunity to pursue his dreams of a film career was compensation enough,” the agent said. “Plus, he pretty much films Jordan all the time anyways.”

Clarkson has reportedly complained to the Jenners and Kardashians about the constant surveillance, citing a “lack of privacy.” This, in turn, caused the entire family to laugh really, really hard.

susan widdicombe