LeBron Introduces New Signature Shoes Made Of Sprite

By David Ingber


LeBron James has become one of the world’s biggest shoe endorsers, with his custom Nike-brand sneakers generating billions of dollars worldwide. But that’s not the only company in bed with the four-time MVP looking to cash in.

Earlier today, James unveiled the Bubbles1, the world’s first ever wearable basketball shoe made of carbonated, sugary liquid.

“They’re unbelievably comfortable, the way they just mold to your feet,” James said as he poured another pair all over his feet and the floor around him. “You can jump higher, play harder, feel better in the Bubbles1. Sprite: a drink I definitely put into my body regularly.”

James is widely expected to unveil his next signature shoes next month: the left shoe is made out of an old Beats headphone, and the right shoe is a tiny Kia. They are not good shoes.

susan widdicombe