LiAngelo Scores 47 In His First Game At LaVar Ball University

By David Ingber

Take that, haters.

After being pulled out of UCLA’s elite basketball program by his father LaVar, budding basketball star dropped 47 points during his debut at the iconic Driveway Stadium of LaVar Ball University.

“We didn’t really have [LiAngelo] on our draft boards,” said one anonymous NBA scout. “But after watching him going 22 for 134 in an otherwise empty driveway, we definitely started to reconsider.”

LaVar, the patriarch of the Ball family, as well as the dean, provost, basketball coach, and marketing professor of LaVar Ball University, raved about his star player’s performance: “I don’t think it’s too early to say he might just be the American Yi Jianlian.”

Shortly after saying this, LiAngelo tripped over the plastic folding chair that had been guarding him, sending the freshman(-ish?) to the free throw line, which was drawn in chalk by a particularly surly LaMelo.

susan widdicombe