On Eve Of Draft, NBA GMs Meet in Library For All-Night Cram Sesh

By Zack Phillips


With the NBA Draft tomorrow, NBA general managers are meeting in the league library for an all-night cram session.

The draft is expected to be one of the deepest in years, raising the stakes for team executives who typically do all their scouting and player evaluation the night before the big day. It’s customary on the eve of the draft to see these general managers milling around the library, with coffee, Red Bulls and Twizzlers from the nearby 7-11.

Doing it up proper.

Doing it up proper.

“Oh man, I have 3 10-page draft profiles due tomorrow and our first oral selection at 11 a.m., which is only 10 hours from now,” said one executive. “I’m screwed.”

As usual, the only GM to finish his draft homework on time was Rockets GM Daryl Morey, who everyone says is a tool.

susan widdicombe